Story 22 – Games in Politics.

The minister was a tall slim man that Halina recognised. He had been the school’s most popular bachelor next to her brother. He was all bright blonde hair, green eyes, strong jaw and prominent nose. His teeth were perfectly white, and his clothes were perfectly clean. He was wearing a suit that she also recognised as being last years design.

“Halina!”. He cheered clasped her head between his bony hands. He pulled her face to his and pressed his lips to hers. She squealed and tried to use her hands to push him away. The binds around her wrists loosened and allowed her enough movement to shove the minister hard. He fell back a step, his hands in the air as if he was innocent. “Woah! Easy! I just thought you are so beautiful that I just had to have a little taste of you”.

“Keep yourself to yourself”, she hissed.

“Alright, Halina since you don’t sound like you’re in the mood for games, let me get right to the point”. He walked to what could only be described as a throne. She didn’t reply. Her body leaned a touch towards the assassin who was still at her side. But she couldn’t feel him. He had removed himself from her. Though she had made a mental note to thank him for loosening the rope. “Your brother is a problem”. The minister stated the obvious.