Story 21 – Games in Politics.

They entered a door that the assassin had to help her through. He guided her a little more before pulling her forwards and pushing her lightly with a warm reassuring hand on her lower back. She didn’t have to pretend to be scared. Her body shivered of its own accord. Her teeth clattering loudly behind her lips which Halina always kept pressed together.

One of his fingertips poked into her back and swirled in small circles soothingly. She felt her shoulders relax enough to stop the ache that was building from her neck to shoulders. Why was he soothing her? Why was she feeling close to this man? They seemed to have a moment earlier, but he was still guiding her into a foreign place which could be her death. A small voice inside her brought herself to reality. “Was your situation with your brother any better?”. No, it wasn’t. But that was a devil she knew; this was a devil completely unknown to her.

They stopped.

He had stopped first. The tips of his fingers hooked over the top of her waistband and tugged her to a stop. He wasn’t speaking to her. Why wouldn’t he instruct her with his voice?

“Minister”. His voice seemed to echo. Footsteps stomped quick and heavy towards her. A rough big hand snatched at the blindfold, scratching nails over her face, yanked the sight blocker from her face. The first thing she did was blink away the dull grey light.