Project Me. Epiphany.

Motivational refreshment.

The last two years have been an emotional bulldozer. I think at some point I had really hit rock bottom. Things weren’t looking like they were going to get better. I would cry by myself for no particular reason. I’d sing in the car to my favourite artist Imogen Heap and would have to fight the quivering wobble in my voice.

Then in the last couple of weeks, something in my brain snapped together, I have been waking up not refreshed physically but mentally refreshed. My motivations have been better.

I have been training. – Even though my body is probably feeling a little bit broken now. But I am feeling good with added extra training.

I have been writing. – I have been making an effort to set writing time for myself. My productivity has been feeling really good.

The business is doing well – Though I have had a hiccup of emotion towards one of the disciplines. I am not giving up, I am just going to push myself harder. This year is to challenge myself.

I have been reading and listening. – I have been reading, and also listening to audio books between the reading and the typing. When I am travelling. When I am exercising apparently. Currently, listening to Michelle Obama’s book – Becoming.

I have also started ordering monthly book boxes. – I am currently in love with the beautifully designed tarot cards that came with it. However, that is for another post! Which I will be revealing shortly! Hopefully today! but you know time is a thing.

Now that I don’t need to worry too much about my money situation. (Because I have a regular job) I can focus on the things I want.

– Writing


– Training

– Dogs

– Moving house with my gorgeous boyfriend.

I definitely hit a very dark low. But I survived. And I feel better than ever.

***** Featured Image I have nabbed from Pole Power Academy *****