Story 19 – Games in Politics.

Halina felt the lightness in the air. Her surroundings seemed less stuffy and cramped. Even though she couldn’t see, she could sense the difference. The light breeze blowing through her hair. The freshness of the air, regardless that the scent of that fresh air nearly made her gag. Her shoes stepped on something soft but not wet. It almost crunched under her foot. There was a beauty in the unseen. Without thinking her hands lifted in the air. As if that genuine open freshness could be touched.

The assassin seemed to chuckle to himself. He lightly took her hands into one of his. She jumped, forgetting that he was there. She had briefly lost herself in the moment.

“Stop being weird”, he laughed. She pressed her lips together. A hard sigh huffing through her nostrils. He helped her down a hill. Loose rocks made her stepping treacherous.

“You know I have no idea where I am, this would be easier without the blindfold”. She kept her voice light. A small part of her wanted him to get the little jokey jab. Would he respond? Again, that low throat chuckle that scarred itself into her ears. She promised to remember that sound.

“Yes, it would”. She could feel the eye roll. “But I would get into more trouble than the slight convenience of you seeing is worth”. She smiled a little.

“And here I thought you were the brains of the operation”. She poked him.

“Of course, I am, look at me, oh wait”. He poked her back. She lightly pinched his hand and stuck her tongue out at him. He chuckled again. He tugged her hands further and she felt something wet and sharp nip the fleshy part of her palm under her thumb. She squeaked. “Teach you to tease me”. His voice was low, rough, almost like a dare. Her core heated. Her legs pressed together, and she suddenly wondered if her playfulness had been flirtier than she realised.