Story 18 – Games in Politics.

“I understand that”, he began. His hands came up on either side of her face. His thumbs brushing away the tears streaming down her face. “I’m sorry that you can’t be free, not yet, we need you, but I will promise you, you won’t die, and you shouldn’t be hurt”.

“I shouldn’t be? You can’t guarantee that?”. Halina sniffed. She secretly enjoyed the feel of his warmth seeping through his gloved hands and into her cheeks. He shook his head.

“As with every community, there are some that are – … shall we say more passionate than others”. He stumbled over the best words to use. There was a niceness behind his voice that she hadn’t picked up on before. An honesty that had also not gone unnoticed. The grip between his hands tightened and her eyes widened. What happened!? His atmosphere switched. “So long as I am present you will not be hurt, but I won’t always be around, do you understand?”. Halina nodded her head feeling her heart plummet back into her stomach.

He helped her back up to her feet. He also insisted on the blindfold still. Reluctantly she let him do it. This time she didn’t feel the same frustrations. His concentration had still seemed to drift somewhere else, but she prayed that it was because he was looking out for dangers that she might encounter.