Story 17 – Games in Politics

Halina shuffled a step back as he brought his hidden face to level with hers. He tilted his head and brought a hand up to her face.

“What happened to the confidence?”. His voice was soft.

“Back then it didn’t matter, he would have found me and killed me if you didn’t kill me anyway”. She spat out between tears that streamed down her face.

“And now?”. He asked.

“Now?”, her voice quietened. She turned her bound hands, so the palms looked up at her. Then her brow furrowed. What did it matter? Why are they having this conversation? “Why are you even wasting time? Aren’t you on a time sensitive mission? Just sto-“.

“I want to hear what you were thinking?”. His own voice sounded softer. She had his full attention now. Somehow, a bond was forming between the two of them. Halina felt it in her chest. She thought about it. Why would he even care? She said as much to him.

“Why would you even care? I am just the bitch whose father ruined everyone who was working class’s lives, and whose brother is going to do much worse”. She hissed through her reddening tear stained cheeks.

“Just tell me?”. His voice didn’t lose that tenderness. It had her glance up from her palms.

“Now, I’m in a place neither I nor my brother knows, if I got away from you, I was already away from him, I had a chance”. It had been a hope that she might have escaped. Now, that had been so cruel cut from her grasp as soon as her fingers curled around it.