Story 15

*I have thought of a name for this story. So this will be posted under that name as of tomorrow, but this is the part that has been delayed for a couple of weeks – I hope you like it, enjoy.*

Halina had her wrists bound. Her eyes blindfolded. The assassin held onto her arm by the elbow. If she stumbled a little, he supported her weight, until her feet found stability again. She counted her footsteps, one, two, three-, fifty-four, fifty-five, fifty-six. She lost count when she stumbled hard enough that when the assassin pulled her up, she felt her torso swoop and her knee graze the ground.

“This would be simpler if you would just allow me to walk”. She quipped.

“Yeah”. The assassin murmured. He sounded distracted, distant like he was thinking about something else while dragging her to goodness knows where. This annoyed her, her blood boiled, she had given him the curtesy to be frightened. He could at least concentrate. A slight calculation as to where her body was in comparison to his formulated a plan. She purposely tripped over her own feet, he caught her again. Her leg closest to him kicked out. He grunted and she felt him brush passed her as she stood, and he fell. She snatched the blindfold from her face. He landed on his hands and knees. He hadn’t looked at her yet. This was her chance. She spun on her heels and ran.