Project Me. Set Up.

I haven’t really posted over the last week or so. More because I have almost shot myself in the foot a little bit. I am excited to test out this new theme and layout of this new blog but… I need an image for everything. Otherwise the home screen would just look crap.

Plus, I have other plans I would like to set in motion which has taken a lot of time. So, it looks as if I have been doing nothing. One thing I have changed.

Everything has moved onto one machine. Originally, I was typing the mini projects on a mini laptop I have which has been dying a little bit over the years. Which is why everything has moved onto a new laptop. I would upload a picture of it. But an odd feeling of privacy has made me pause. So, instead I will just say that I have a brand new laptop which works amazingly, and feels great to type on.

This way I can just switch on the machine and literally flicker between the work I have been doing. I know this makes sense to have done sooner, given that I have had this computer since just after Christmas, I was attached to my mini Laptop. It had managed my work through my last two years of university. The RPG maker work I was doing for my games module. The poetry last minute rushes I would always do last minute because, if I was honest, I was an imbecile. The long stories that will probably never see the light of day again. However, some things grow old. Their age showing in little mini faults or warning notifications that something you never saw had stopped functioning. Or in my minis case. Memory full, small glitches, and a very slow upload of anything. It does still work, just not as well, and right now I feel like it is better as a back-up.

Now, everything is on this new computer which has won my heart completely.

My main reason for not posting was thinking of images for the posts. Like I said earlier without images it would just look crap. I am not very good at art, nor am I a photographer. I panicked thinking “Oh my god, I need to gain a new skill!”. I didn’t want to use other peoples’ work as I don’t really have the money to do that. If other people do work like that for me, I want to pay them for their efforts. To credit them as well.

This is where my D.I.Y app for anything remotely artsy came into it.

I have a little app on my phone. Called Sketch. I use it for everything. To create posters for the business, anything that needs a logo, the actual logo, the silhouettes. So, I started on this app trying to draw anything something that would be alright.

All weekend I tried anything. I managed to draw something on my phone. But everything looked crap. Yes, I am self-critical but I know that I am no good at drawing. It is a talent that will probably forever escape me. However, I managed to get through something that resembled an acceptable image. But that was one. It had taken me all weekend to do. I can’t do that every weekend. I wanted to write.

Weirdly, like an epiphany, I thought of something. I call myself Aerial Writer. I have photos professionally done. And will have new ones done at the end of the month. Why not just use them?

Two parts of my life together. My business, and my hobby.

I want it to look good. However, simple often looks better than something technically complicated. Which is something I often tell my fitness class attendees. When they are thinking of moves for photoshoots. Simple beginner moves are often the best looking ones.