Story 14

The car had taken a road so uphill, she thought it was a miracle the wheels were still dragging them up. When they peaked and began to descend. Halina saw a mass grouping of hovels that were charcoal black, no windows, and doors. There was no path, and there were no people. Not a single soul. She glanced over her shoulder to the driver who was concentrating on the muddied road ahead. She had never seen this before. Each building was so closely built together they didn’t have a garden, front or back, of any kind. Nor was there any sense of the word home, as they entered the strange abandoned town, she noticed the inside was nothing but one room with a hole in the floor and burned out beds beside them. No sinks, no fridges, no heating, no rooms. Like a small shed. The driver turned into one of the buildings and parked it inside.

“Climb out, I’ll make sure we can’t be followed”. The driver said as he climbed out.

“Come on, we have to walk the rest of the way”. The assassin pulled her across the seat. “You can hate me for killing your father, but the world he designed wasn’t that great!”. He yanked her out of the car, she kicked and punched him which made him grunt out his words, but it didn’t stop him from pulling her out and giving her a little shake. His hands squeezing tight around her upper arms.

“No, it wasn’t but you knew that evil, a worse evil is coming for you now, and everything you do now won’t stop it coming”, she spat.