Story 13

The pause dragged on, until finally, he dropped the weapon away from her face. She sat back into her seat, crossed her arms, and watched the world pass her as they travelled down a muddied road that was no longer concrete.

“Please, it’s important that he doesn’t come after me”, he said.

“Why don’t you just kill him then? Like you did in that hall”, she hissed.

“He has ramped out the security, I can’t get that close to him, the only reason we got to you is because you weren’t supposed to be walking out of that building”, his voice remained annoyingly calm. She wanted the two of them to have a screaming match, she wanted to blame him for everything, she wanted to power herself on every piece of rage inside of herself.

“And whose fault is that? oh yes, yours!”, she snapped. “What kind of imbecile assassin are you if you can’t get close to him!?”.

“I get that you’re upset”. He said.

“Upset!?”, she screeched. His irritating calmness had her clenching her teeth so tight there was a little crack that only she could hear. “You don’t get anything! How dare you!? Let me out! Or shoot me!”. She turned her back on him, she knew if she had to be constantly reminded that he was there, then she would explode all of her emotions from the last couple of weeks.