Project Me. All Plans. No Progress.

Have you ever found yourself making plans? Lots of plans in your head, or listing things you’d like to do in the future? or a goal that you’d like to reach? and just never get there?

Yeah. Me to.

Excuses? No money. No time. No place. No energy.

Yeah. Me to.

Plan One: I’d like to train to be like people such as … Sarah Scott, Lisette Krol, Kira Noire, Anastasia Sokolova. Polers all of them. Now, I know they are probably practicing all the time? Dancing and training. Eating healthier than … *cough* me *cough* …

I always think I just don’t have the energy. But where do they get theirs? I should stop making excuses and just do it. Get off my lazy butt and just train. I’ve been running five mornings a week. So that does count as a little progress. But I need to do more. Cardio is helping my heart but not my muscles. I want to be stronger, and more flexible. Which means training at home. Exercises at home, stretching more at home.

So, goal this next week – In house exercises to build strength and flexibility.

*Side note* Adding handstand training to that.

Plan Two: At least attempt to publish something this year. Self-publishing. Because I like the idea of having control over the writing I’ve done. I also prefer the idea of claiming the full rights to the work. Not that I have great expectations. But say IF people liked it enough. I would like to say “I did that”.

Now, for this I always seem to run out of time. Weirdly, like I plan on writing at least a little bit of something everyday. But things seem to pile on top of me… Family, work, business, friends, boyfriend, dogs. When really, again I am just being lazy with it. If it is what I want I need to make time for this.

So, goal this next week – Take at least five minutes a day to write. It could be anything, but I need to write something.

*Side note* This includes time for reading. I have been reading again, but would like to get through more.