Story part 12

Halina stared at her phone as it came up with missed call from her brother. Not once, twice, but three times. Her solicitor was on the other end. “Miss Rapture?”.

“I have to go, he’s calling”. Before giving him time to answer she hung up, and the assassin snatched her phone from her fingers and threw it out of the window.

“He will track it to you, why did you walk off the stage?”, the assassin still had the gun to her head.

“Does that really matter right now? What do you want?”. She snapped. Her eyes glared into the taxi driver’s head.

“Alright, fine, your brother is going to find me pretty quickly, and I can’t have that, so you’re going to help me”. He said.

“Are you joking?”, she laughed. “You want my help!?”. She shook her head and finally turned to face the assassin. He still had his face mask on. “Shoot me, because I am not hiding you, you killed my father, you allowed my brother free reign over this country, you need to pay for what you have done”. She bit out through her teeth like a snarling dog. There was a pause as she stared him down.