Story part 11

“I don’t think you understand the consequences if you officially left your brother”, The solicitor’s wobbly voice blurred from the phone as she pressed the mute.

“What do you want?”, Halina asked. She focused on her breathing while memories of her father’s death flickered through her head. The taxi driver began to pull away from the curb and her heart sank.

“You’re going to unmute the phone and pretend this isn’t happening, you’re just on your way home to grab some things and run, ok?”, the assassin said. He held the gun steady to the side of her head.

“Ok”, she gave a quick nod. Then pressed the unmute button on her phone. What else could she do? If this assassin didn’t kill her then her brother was going to. “I don’t think you understand the consequences of what I have already done”.

“Please, Miss Rapture, he might forgive you, you have only just come out of hospital”, the foolish man pleaded with her. Her phone beeped. She jumped and pulled the phone away from her face, her brother’s name and number was on the screen trying to call her. The taxi had pulled onto a road she didn’t recognise.