Story part 9

She walked off the stage. She didn’t hide behind the curtain like the personal guards that he had hired gestured for her out of surprise. She found the side steps and made a decisive point. She stared ahead of her, not focusing on any face in particular, but making sure each and every one caught her eye as she removed herself from her brother.

“Halina!”, Kyle screamed down the mic at her. She didn’t look back. Her heeled feet lightly thumped on the red carpet of the aisle between the audience. “Where are you going!?”. She didn’t reply.

She struck the chord inside herself that ever classed herself as family to him. Cleaved it in two, and let his half fall away like a silk scarf hanging onto her shoulders. There were whispers as she walked. All news screens watched her exit the hall.

There was only one small hiccup to her actions. She had no idea where she was going to go. She pulled out her phone and called the family solicitor.