Story part 8

The first memory she has after that day was waking up inside the hospital. White ceilings, white walls with white boards scattered about. Each board had scribbled and rubbed out notices. There was a quiet, an ominous quiet, that Halina couldn’t describe. There were people talking in the corridors, families visiting their loved ones, and machines beeping. Each sound seemed so clear, yet it mingled into the background as if she wasn’t hearing anything at all. She remembered when she awoke, she was completely alone. Her brother had not visited once. When she was due to be discharged, he had not even bothered to come for her. He had sent someone else instead.

Now, she stood beside him while he announced the times for change. The hunt for his father’s murderer was to begin the following day, that he would scour out everyone under a certain circumstance, remove them from their rights for shelter, water, food. He would hold them in contempt for stealing from the country. Halina felt sick to her stomach. Every word he spouted punched deep inside her moral compass. She couldn’t cope being the face that stood supportive to it. She took a deep breath and walked away.