Story part 7

They were both uttered out of the hall. Doctors were stationed outside waiting to check them over. Everyone else that had been inside the building had oddly been evacuated before the hall. Halina thought this odd, shouldn’t that have meant that the law enforcement should have been quicker? Then again, her eyes lifted morbidly towards the clock tower. The chime had only been seven solid minutes ago. Her father had been discussing political matters of the country, and within seven minutes he had died. Her heart rate spiked, she couldn’t breathe. The edges of her vision blackened. A thick black smoke eating at her senses. The closeness only made worse as the medical professionals were too busy watching as the reporters had gathered around her brother.

“Ladies, and Gentlemen”, he announced to them like a leader that had not just been inside a room with a killer, “Please, one at a time”.

“What will happen now that your father has passed?”. One reporter asked. He whipped the microphone away from his own face and towards Kyle.

“Given the very sudden incident that has unfortunately taken my father and the rest of the councilmembers from us earlier than fate had intended, I will be taking command, and I will assemble my own line of councilmembers to help keep the balance in our beautiful country”. Halina’s heart sank taking the blood within her with it.

“Do you think you are ready for such a huge responsibility?”. Another reporter threw out.

“Absolutely, I was born for this position”. He gave them the best smile he could give showing his pearly whites. Then approached Halina. She knew what was coming she had heard the long debates within her own home. She let the blackness swallow her up.