Story part 6

Then he disappeared from the hall. Halina had missed where he had gone when she watched her brother fall back. Now the assailant was gone with no way to identify who it was.

“What the hell is wrong with you!?”, Her brother snapped at her. She inhaled a shaky sigh. Nothing inside her mind could possibly make what she thought make sense. Instead she wiped her tears stained face with the skirt of her dress before ripping a piece of it right off. She tended to her brother without speaking a word. He kept repeating her name, trying to coax some recognition from her, but there was a numbing film that wrapped itself so tight around her, that she couldn’t respond to him yet. When the law enforcement finally stormed into the hall with their bullet proof shields and their batons, Kyle was staring down at his father’s dead body. A sadistic wry smile quirked the corners of his mouth. Halina blinked once, she couldn’t really be seeing him look almost, relieved that their father had been murdered. The expression remained as clear as day then her numbness mingled with a cold dread.