Story part 5

“Halina!”, Kyle shouted from the door at the side of the hall. He was holding the door open holding his hand out to her. She glanced towards him, looked to her deceased father, then a click drew her eyes towards the gun that was pointed not more than a foot away from her face. What could she do? If she tried to run, he would just shoot her anyway. She couldn’t fight back she had no idea how to fight plus he would just shoot her anyway. She was not going to escape this fate.

But he didn’t shoot. The barrel fell away from her face and the assassin’s head tilted as they stared at each other. He knelt down before her. He brought his face close to her before he snatched her chin in his hand.

“Are you going to be a problem for me?”. The voice was muffled under the mask, but she could still catch the smooth deepness. In the covered face of this assassin Halina thought it was a miracle that she found her voice.

“No, I don’t think so”. She heard it herself. The weakness of her voice as she responded. Just a little she wished she had sounded more confident than that. He released her face.


“Get away from her!”. Her brother’s voice shouted above her head. Something large and long swung out to strike at the assassin but he wasn’t quick enough. The assassin dodged fired his gun back once. The bullet grazed Halina’s cheek and pierced Kyle’s shoulder. He fell back with a cry and pressed his opposite hand to the wound with a wince.