Project Me. Bad News.

I do have a book review ready to write about Dracul. However, I think I will get to that later. What I am going to post instead is an update on the house.

As you can guess from the title, this is not great. Guess what everyone, surprise, surprise, we were lied to once again by the vendor of the fucking house. *Yes, this post is going to contain many bad words, brace for it, I don’t care, I am angry, disappointed, and just can’t believe people*. The vendor informed us that the leasehold for that fucking house was £1000. Yes, that doesn’t sound too bad especially given that the lease only had 120 so years left on it.

My partner, because he is a nice man, made an offer of £500 for the lease. This was before christmas. So, you can imagine how frustrated we both became when decidedly the vendor had yet to get in touch with our solicitors. Nothing. Not even a “oh it’s in the process of this, or we are just waiting for this”. Nope. Nothing.

We received an email from the oh so helpful (Sarcasm) estate agents asking if we were still going through with the house, or if we had made any progress. What? What? What? No, we were waiting for them…? So, this sparked a visit to our solicitor, who told us that they hadn’t heard anything. My partner then phoned the estate agent saying that we had been waiting for the vendor to get back to us about the lease. So, the estate agent goes off, telling us that they will phone us back after they have spoken to them.

Right. More waiting.

Today, we get a fucking message from the estate agent telling us actually in fact. That lease, which the fuckers had claimed not to know anything about, didn’t cost £1000. Swap the 1 for a 6 in that price. Yes… £6000. What the actual fuck. £6000!? Are they having a laugh! Why did they tell us it was £1000! Why tell us one thing, to then go oh by the way later on! Are you fucking stupid!?

Pressing on through the rage. The vendor has decided that they are not willing to take that out of the price of the house… HAHAHA, so not only have they taken the piss. More than once! but now, now, they’ve decided that they don’t want to reduce the price of the house so we can pay for the lease. Well… I have two words for that vendor if I ever meet the bastard. FUCK YOU.

Now, the vendor isn’t getting any of our money. The estate agent is going to get a rather unpleasant visit from the ombudsmen. And we are not moving! How fucking shit is that…? Well done to the vendor selling your dead father’s house, I’m sure you did a wonderful job there. Well done to the estate agents who were so helpful all they could say to us was “We didn’t know, that was what we were told”, even though… I’m pretty sure as an ESTATE AGENT it is your fucking job to know about a property you’re selling! Otherwise what is the fucking point in you!!!!!

What I have learned from this experience is that you can’t trust the vendor, you can’t trust the estate agent, and for the love of god people do not buy a leasehold house!

Just to give you an example of why. There was a scheme in Liverpool. A bunch of newly built houses, all leasehold, were sold under the promise that the land rent of those homes would be fixed and the option to buy those leases would be made an option. Signed and sealed contracts… However, when it came close to the time, the leaseholder sold the leases to another company who didn’t have a contract with the now tricker homeowners. The land rents skyrocketed. And the homeowners weren’t allowed to buy the leases.

So, please, people don’t be fucking stupid. Do not buy a leasehold property. If you want to rent something, search for a rented house.

I’m so gutted. I’m going to have a moment to myself to rage, and sithe. I was so excited to move. Now, my partner and I are not moving. House prices have gone up which means we will have to save for longer for anything remotely close to something we would like. I’m sleeping on a bubble for probably another year… Wonderful. Thank you housing economy, you made it so easy (Sarcasm). I actually spit on whoever decided that, that is how to sell a house.