Story part 3

The man opened his mouth to reply to my father when there was a loud crash from above them. Every eye looked up as millions of pieces of glass rained down on them. After a second each and every person inside that hall realised what was happening and tried to duck away from the shattered window. Arms shot to protect their heads as each and every piece sliced flesh, pierced hands, and broke further on impact. Something thumped. The sound seemed so out of place to the rest of raining glass that had clattered to the ground. When Halina looked up from the ball position, she had bundled herself in she saw a tall young man, dressed in nothing but black from head to toe.

His face was covered in a black mask that revealed nothing. Not even his eyes. He stood proudly in front of her father on the table. He waited until her father uncurled from his protective arms. There was a hall wide gasp as the young man lifted a gun that had been in his hidden arm. He pointed it towards her father’s head.

BANG! Red splattered everywhere. A scream tore through the hall.