Story part 2

“Enough bickering”, her father silenced the room. “I will be the deciding vote on this decision”. He paused. The rest of the room waited on bated breath for him to speak. The giant clock of the tower standing above the window ceiling chimed. The sound was loud and deep. It reverberated off the walls and made Halina’s heart pulse to the beating of the chime. “I think we need to strengthen our defences at the wall”.

“That will cost us more money!”, one of his councilmen stood up. His chair squealed across the floor behind his knees. Halina winced as the noise ripped into her ear drums. The councilman slammed his hands against the top of the table. “Don’t you think it is about time we were a little more aggressive with the scum”. There was a roar of agreement with the others around the table. “Why do you always refuse to do anything about them!?”.“You think what we have done to them already is not enough?”, Her father sighed. He brought both elbows to the table. His fingers entwined with each other and he rest his mouth against the edges of his closest fingers. His thumbs hooked under his chin.