Story part 1

*** I haven’t decided on a name for this particular piece that I am doing for this blog. However, I can tell you this isn’t part of the Xperia story I was doing. Xperia got lost somewhere, and I couldn’t quite think of a way for it to make sense or to go anywhere, plus there were a lot of bit that I just could not remember. Important details went forgotten so… Let’s just say it has been abandoned for now, unless I come to an odd revelation of how to bring it back. ***

It was a glooming morning. It matched the mood of the hall as the collection of powerful people sat around a table arguing. They never agreed upon anything and they never got anywhere. It was more tedious than watching paint dry on the walls. Halina bit back at a yawn as she stood behind her father’s chair. Her older brother, Kyle, gave her a little nudge to keep her awake. She glared up at him.

“Don’t do that”. She quipped under her breath.

“If I don’t then you’ll fall asleep standing up”, he bent close to whisper to her, “Wouldn’t want you to fall and cause a commotion”. His face twisted into a smile as he held back a laugh.

“I’ll make you cause a commotion in a minute”, she hissed back. She was about to strike him between the legs when her father swiftly leaned from his chair and stared them both down. Just like that in seconds they were statue straight. He turned back to the rest of the room who were still arguing.