Project Me. Lessons Not Taught.

Not being funny, but there are certain things that should really be taught to everyone. If that is too difficult a concept there should at least be a simple step-by-step guide on what should happen, what should be done, and what to expect next.

I have just spent the best part of two and a half hours clicking random links on my phone and my laptop getting absolutely nowhere! Nevermind the last couple of months thinking I had acomplished something when in fact a step had been skipped… What!? Seriously!? Why!? Why has no one said anything? Why is there not a more clear instruction? Where is the proper support to do things right?

Image from google.

Just so I am clear. This is about the partnership business that I half own. Myself and my partner have been trying to officially register. Like I’m sure any normal person, we searched on google registering a partnership on google. The first thing to come up was a link to register a partnership on Excellent! That was it, nice and easy.

Again from google.

WRONG! What no one had told us… and I mean no one, was that all we had done was skipped ahead and registered our business for its tax assessment. *Face-palm* The poor HMRC guy that was actually helpful on the phone this time around is probably either – A. really confused… or B. Laughing so hard.

We registered the tax assessment part about a month ago. From there oblivious to the fact that it was the wrong bit we needed. On my account there is a tab that would say track forms. Because I had applied twice it had the number 2 next to it in red. When I clicked on it, that tab would only tell me that they had sent a reply… not what that reply was, nor where or how they had sent it. I checked emails (yes, spam as well), I checked the post at both the houses that I had resided in. Nothing. I tried to phone, first time they told me they couldn’t help me… Then what are you there for? After that I tried email.

The email is what sparked this whole entire debarkle this evening. I had just done an 8am until 5pm shift, tired like everyone is after working, I pull up in the drive way to my phone pinging. New email. From HMRC digital support team… telling me that they could not answer my question as … they cannot help me fill in my self-assessment. Honestly, I replied to that email on impulse. I don’t think I am going to hear anything back from it… nor will anything helpful come out of it. The emotion triggered and just reacted, my reply was less than tactful. “What!? No, that wasn’t what I had asked for!”. Yes, exclamation points were at the end of ever sentence I said. I wasn’t polite in my greeting, and I didn’t close the message with a thank you name. I sent one paragraph which could prove that I was less than impressed.

Following my impulsive need to react to that stupid unhelpful email, I called up. Thankfully he was helpful and explained to me what the red two beside the track form meant. He also explained that I should have received something in the post by now… but I won’t get into the uselessness of the postal service.

But I felt good, we could make official progress the registration had been processed… until I noticed that something wasn’t right. The business didn’t show up on a listing called the Companies House… This is the first I had heard of it, but I found it when looking into a payment method for the booking system we use. I searched for hours through different links and then I found it. The LP5 the actual registration form for a business. Like a lightbulb in my brain everything started to make a little sense. That was also when the truly frustrated side of me came out. What the hell!?

Had someone told us this was what we had to do we would have done this ages ago! Why is this something not taught? And if not taught seriously a guide would have just made this experience all the less stressful! These higher systems that find any way to fine you for the simplests of mistakes, also lay it out so there is almost always a guaranteed mistake. We could have registered ages ago! Now we have to wait, not only is it archaic and wants physical copy sent through the post, but it is Christmas which means partner and I are not in the same areas. She is with family and so am I. So thanks system this was really efficient. I taught myself so much…

I genuinely believe that there should be a life skills class in school. Even if we never use it, someone will definitely find it useful. It isn’t everyday that I need to know algebra… yet they taught me that.