Poetry Story 10

This is the same image I just added stuff to it. That’s what I’m going to do from this point hopefully the image will get better not worse.

Time had passed,
Suspicions had grown long
But apparently not old
Every glance whispered more gossip

Then there came a whole new threat
All to eagerly
By mother-in-law
A princess of great benefits.

She sniffed the cunning
The vicious attempt to push her to the side.
She acted as if uncaring.
If mistresses were the normal
Then at least she’d have shelter and food.

To all surprised
He rejected
Any and all attempts
Of favourite benefits
Of all ladies introduced.

He would visit her
Every night.
She had unwittingly sunk her claws deep.

One night a slip of the tongue
“I love you”.
He had stunned her to silence.