Waterstones Shelfie

I haven’t posted properly for a while. To be honest I watched this ages ago and just never got round to posting it.

I have this weird ocd of everything needing to be planned out and if it doesn’t go the way I structured it that is it the whole thing gets reset. Like as an example, if I don’t wake up early one morning, because I feel most productive in the mornings when I wake up, whatever I had planned for that day just doesn’t happen at all.

It frustrates me to no end.

Anyway, here is the Waterstones Vlog –

Ben Miller

Now if you’ve never heard of Ben Miller where have you been? Famous comedian, actor, director, and writer.

I’m not going to go into too much detail. You always find these people are just so creative, they never do just one thing, they are good at many things.