Project Me. Struggle.

I’m not too sure what to say. I was going to make efforts to improve myself. And I haven’t. I just about get up for work, and when I finish work I typically just go to bed. The energy has left the building.

I need charging.

I know the main problem with my energy levels is my diet. I was stealing alot of my partner’s Pepsi Max, or not drinking at all. When we were eating we were eating nothing but food that we ordered in. Which meant that I was only nuggets and chips covered in cheese with extra nuggets covered in cheese. Anything that you could call good nutrition in my body has also left the building.

Not an actual picture of my food. (I got this from google).

Not only is my energy so low, but my skin is just attacking me right now. When one spot “goes” away, another joins it. Just in a different part of my face. Mostly around my chin and cheeks… and sometimes my nose. The worst ones are the big red ones that don’t have a head. They are painful when you don’t know they are there in the mornings and catch them. They are also the ones that take the longest to … pardon the language … fuck off.

I do have a plan in mind. I am going to take some advice from a diet program I used to be part of roughly a couple of years ago. I do need money for this to happen, but my plan is… the fruit and Veg capsules from Juice Plus+. However, I can’t afford them right now. So, I will do some things to prepare for it.

First step is water. Need to drink more of it. But… it gets a little inconvenient when you’re working and you need to pee every five minutes if not seconds. Wearing trousers when needinging the loo just gets complicated, there’s the “oh god” bouncing on the spot while trying to unbutton the pants. Followed by the paralysis – if you dare move the bladder is going to let go – then that small window of opportunity. It lasts maybe two seconds tops, but you rush to get those pants undone and sit your desperate ass down for the relief. Water makes this moment way more regular and just a little worse.

I used to drink water all the time. I don’t even know why I stopped. But my skin was better, and I was a little more alive than I am now. So, I am going to drink more water.

Water (Again image from google).

Water is just beautiful. We should look after it just like it looks after us.