Project Me. News.

I’m calling it news, because I feel like the bad and the good news I have cancel each other out. But I have news. I will just start with the news I got first.

So, the first bit of news I have for this week is… Hallelujah! I have a job! Yeah! It was quite a quick process, I got a phone call last week right after I posted the first Project Me post. Asking me to come to an interview the next day. Panic! I am never good at interviews. Or not the interviews I have been to in the past, they always want you to sell every inch of your soul in explicit detail before they might even consider you for a job, and then to add insult to injury they want you to bow down on the floor and kiss the ass of the job as to why it would be such an amazing opportunity. Don’t forget jobs, shops are not a life changing job ok? Unless you own the business and you are a multimillionaire, shops in fact are life sucking. They suck the life out of people sort of jobs. But yeah that has always been my experience with interviews. Which isn’t the best… so I panic read the website to this job, I checked out the reviews from other people who applied for the job. I will add, they did not make this possible new job sound appealing. Actually, in fact everyone who I asked, who might have known someone who has been in this job… Let’s just say left with negative words. Holy crap! But I am a desperate person who realised last week that I am basically the definition of homeless, I just don’t sleep on the street.

When I got to this interview I made myself a little nervous. I had never been to the place I had applied to before, and following google maps shocked me when I found out it wasn’t on a high street. It was in the middle of nowhere… Thank you, to my beautiful boyfriend for letting me use his car everyday, I would be so screwed without you. The place was nice, upscale nice, which made me feel a little out of place. Ha! I suppose this is when social class becomes apparent. This was why I had never been here. I got to the reception desk and said that I had been invited to an interview, the man behind the desk spoke (I mean this in a good way Auntie!) like one of my Aunties. Anyone who has met my Aunties will know exactly which one I am talking about. He was really nice, and told me to take a seat and someone will come and find me. Well he found me, he was dressed in a suit, which meant my black coat was not coming off anytime soon! I felt worse that I had just washed my hair and yet it STILL looked greasy! Argh! but I want to say it was the easiest and quickest interview of my life.

There were about four questions… I think. Maybe three and they consisted of these –

– What is your availability?

– When can you start?

– What did you do before you decided to partner own a business?

Yeah, so three. That was it. He wrote down my number and said that he would phone me later that day to let me know what the verdict of the interview was. OK! wow, that was short. I left with a smile and thank yous while my brain was giving me the most sceptical look. What? Was that it? No here is my soul, I will sell it to you for minimum wage with no aspirations to do anything else? Just that? Alright…?

So, as you can imagine I was a little concerned for my financial future as it kind of depended on this job and another that had got back to me and all I could think of was – Warning! Bad language! – *Shit! I fucked up!* I went home and just thought well, I’ll continue writing. I am still writing anyway, even if I get another job, just at that moment it was all I had that might, maybe, if I’m lucky one day make money… Hard maybe.

A few hours later I got a phone call from the guy – that I found out later was called Dean – telling me that I had a trial shift for that friday. Oh my god! Relief! I hadn’t messed up! Thank god! Now, I just had to pass the trial shift. My only issue was… I had never worked a bar, I had barista and fast food experience but not a bar. All he told me was – “Wear something black”.

Well it was ok. The coffee machine, and its use needs work. However, it didn’t seem that bad, nothing was wild and people were quite nice and understanding. I can say this now, I have a job! Woo! I start Friday. Or, well tomorrow or today whenever I post this.

Good News! – I have a job!

Just as I phoned my boyfriend about the good news he had news to give me. And it hasn’t ended with the phone call he gave me. But this is it … for this last week I believed I was no longer moving. That my own house was just never going to happen. Because! Our solicitor tried to contact the company that owns the lease of the house. They refused to communicate with us because we didn’t own the house. So our solicitor tried to contact the vendor who just didn’t respond. They then contacted the vendor’s solicitor who then decided because they weren’t legally obliged to help us, so they decided they weren’t going to. Now, because of the lack of help… (why the feck is this being made so difficult?) and without a guarantee that we can get the lease on the house we are not getting the house.

This is just shit, and disappointing, again, why has this process been made so difficult? what is the need? why are people refusing to speak!? Oh that is a whole other thing all together.

Then today! or yesterday! or whenever I post this officially. My partner phoned the estate agent about what we had so far, and that we weren’t interested anymore. Oh sad! Then the estate agent tells him that they will contact the vendor. What!? Anyway they contact the vendor, they get back to us telling us that apparently there was a breakdown of communication… What the fuck does that mean!? Now, only now are the vendors going to contact the people who own the lease to see if they can buy the lease themselves and actually sell the house as officially freehold. Then they asked us for the leaseholders details! Again WHAT!? Seriously people! They are fucking lucky the house is nice that we are still even bothering, all they have done is made this process drag out, difficult and messed us around!

So… now I might be moving or might not… where this house buying adventure goes no one (apparently) knows.