Waterstones Vlog

I’m hoping I spaced these waterstones videos out alright. They haven’t posted a vlog or shelfie for a couple of days so should mean that I can share them as soon as they are uploaded.

This one is a vlog on the invisible library series. Which I have looked at buying it, however, the Waterstones I was in to buy it didn’t have the first one. EEK. So, no purchase that time. Though I was close in making that terrible mistake. Saved by a fellow bookclub member.

I have to agree the covers are beautiful! Yes, no one should judge a book by its cover. But let’s face it. We see the cover before anything else. The cover is what entices us to pull it off the shelf.

On this note I do have a plan to join the blind date with a book again at some point. It did send me a gooden I wouldn’t have picked up myself.