Book 8 2019

Sarah J. Maas – A court of Mist and Fury.

This book got me. Oh, it got me so hard. At first I was utterly gutted. I liked Tamlin from the first book… Now I have seen the imbecile for what he is, I’m not so gutted anymore.

This sequel starts off a couple of months after the first book finishes. Feyre is with Tamlin, and living a “peaceful” life in the spring Court.

Now, things aren’t OK. Life needs time to heal from what happened and a balance isn’t quite found. **spoiler warning** in case anyone hasn’t read it but they would like to.

Feyre ends up being saved from Tamlin to find her mate Rhysand.

Yeah… At first I was a little, oh no… I’m heart broken. I know where this is going. There were plenty of hint. “Most beautiful man” she had ever seen. She wasn’t afraid of him like with Tamlin. He saved her life. He then was the only one to try and fight Amarantha in the first book.

Yeah… Hints…

I was fighting against this change for a while. Until Tamlin gave up on everything and locked Feyre up… OK there’s being protective and struggling with grief. But now you’re just acting blind.

Not that he is all to blame. I am still going to argue that they both didn’t handle any of that grief and trauma very well. But they were both destroying each other its time to let go.

Then we come to Rhys. Flirty, misunderstood, self-sacrificing warrior. With wings, and can read minds. He teaches her to read and write, gets her training, involves her in every political plan and decision. Basically the complete opposite of Tamlin.

I did enjoy the read and I was caught wanting to read more and not because I knew something bad was coming close to the end. The writing was clear concise, and the world building was excellent.

I do have a few little niggles…

Why does everyone have a we were tortured back Story? What was the need in the long pages of we had to suffer to survive similar history section? It was literally a “let’s compare who had the hardest life?” chapter… What? Not everyone has to have a horrible life to appreciate good times, or to be strong, or to be a hero… So… Yeah there was that. Then there is this moment. Every book with romantic fate in it has this moment. In which the female character is suddenly so betrayed and horrified that this man (that you was falling in love with anyway) is fated to be yours. Why is this a bad thing? You realise later on that it isn’t a bad thing. But… Why do they always have a freak out, run away, and have the guy chase them? Can’t there be a time when it’s a relief? I don’t know about any of you, people in the world, but if there was ever such a thing as mates in our world I’d be more worried that I had fallen in love with someone who might find their mate that isn’t me? Oh wait Tamlin… I think being in that position would be worse than finding out that the guy you love, happens to be your mate as well.

But, the book is definitely worth a read. I’m excited to read the next one.