A Fantasy Emporium

I know I have posted about this before.

But there’s nothing wrong with a little reminder.

I posted a page on here, which you can find if you scroll down to the bottom. You’ll find ‘A Fantasy Emporium’. This is the name of a friends shop which she is in the middle of establishing.

She will sell things like pins, bookmarks, and many other merch collectible things.

She is starting up with pins, to see how they’ll do. And they are very nice ideas. One is from ACOTAR (A court of Thorns and Roses). I don’t have the image for this one but I have the others.

If you’re game of thrones fans here are her first three pins for this series –

Pretty isn’t it? Here is another one –

And last but certainly not least –

You can pre-order these beautiful things now. Just scroll down, find the page, and the link to her shop should be on that link.