Xperia 8.5

They walked through the forest. They were close enough together to ensure the shadow kept its distance. But not so close that she had to look at them. Or interact with them. She couldn’t, her heart was still sour, any thoughts were layered in bitterness. Even Cora the way she stayed glued to Alasdair’s leg like he would protect them? Was she not aware of who held sway over the shadows distance? The whole time they walked Aurelia thought of Laura. How they had abandoned her. It was a hard pill to swallow and forgive.
They walked until they found Alasdair’s old home. It was still, empty, but it was well hidden. They’d only found it because they knew it was there. Alasdair guided them to the ladder.
“This is where we will stay for now, I’m going to find us food, don’t come down for anything”. He turned to Aurelia. She jolted and looked away. His sigh seemed to leave a heavy weight on everyone. He didn’t say anything more. Actually, he didn’t seem to make any noise at all, when Aurelia looked up again he was gone. Only Cora remained.
“He was told to leave her you know”.