Waterstones podcast season 2

Yes! Waterstones has now begun their season 2 of their podcast! I really enjoyed listening to some of the authors in the first season. It was nice to hear some of them be a little more human.

I did a creative writing course at university and most if not all of the authors that we had to study, when speaking about their writing, were very pretentious, snobby, and oh for the inspiration of the artistry of blah blah blah. Just say you was inspired by something you saw, read, heard, tasted whatever. Writing doesn’t need to be fanciful. So, it was nice when listening to some of these authors and they were just as human as everyone else.

And they are still like that now from the first episode of season 2.

Haunting –

They talk about writing horror or ghost stories. Things thst are designed to be frightening. They also talk about real life experiences they have had themselves.