Book 7 2019

Kat Howard – An unkindness of Magicians.

I read this for bookclub. Which thankfully I finished it tonight we are meeting tomorrow.

I’d like to say firstly… I wouldn’t have bought this from Waterstones… Actually I didn’t (I know bad book reader!) I bought it from amazon.

I think I can explain the reason, I don’t want to sound snobby but let’s be totally honest everyone judges a book by its cover unless it has been highly recommended to you. And I found this book on the shelf of the Waterstones shop in Southport. I picked it up. The book is as floppy as its pages, like some books have a proper (I don’t want to use this word, but I can’t think of anything right now) quality feel to them, or at least enough to make it worth £10.99. What!? I’ve bought thicker books, with covers that feel solid to carry in my hand for less. So, I did a naughty and bought it off amazon for £7.99.

It is a good story, there is magic, action, bad guys get their comeuppance, and sort of maybe happy ending?

And it has been written very well. The author slips between narratives very swiftly without confusing the reader which is nice as it gives the reader different perspectives.

However, the story was just too smooth for me. Events came and went like a passing fancy. Nothing got me excited or waiting at the edge of my seat to see if a character was going to make it. I knew if the character was going to make it, she was too powerful to have anyone challenge her. The character would just roll through everything thrown at her like she was a giant sleeping on a town and decided to roll over literally to crush it. There was no resistance, no real threat of impending doom. Actually there is a moment in which the character does something that is supposed to be (I think) grand and spectacularly amazing. She saves all these people… She could have done that 200 pages ago…

There was also the slight problem of a long set up. There were a lot of characters to introduce which meant there was quite a long set up. I think I hadn’t finished meeting all of the characters until chapter… 6? And some of these chapters weren’t short.

It wasn’t a painful read, just too smooth for me. If you like your stories in which the main character is literally the ultimate powerful god/goddess that has no weaknesses then this is definitely the story for you.