Waterstones Vlog

I am back with another Vlog from Waterstones. I have been working through my blog today, and I feel pretty good, it took me a while because for some strange reason it is really slow on my pc but yeah! I’ve updated it all. It looks neat, and I’ve linked mine and my partners Facebook business page is on there, my own Instagram is on there. So feeling pretty good.

But back to my post –

Erin Morgenstern – the starless Sea

Erin’s other book, the night circus is in the Waterstones local to me. I keep looking at it like “hmm, I should buy it” but something about it leaves reservations in me. I think I’ll ignore those doubts and just go for it. If by the end I don’t like it, it won’t be the only book I have that I didn’t really enjoy.

But better to experience than to never know at all.