Ikemen Otome Games

I’m going to admit something. I think I’ve only admitted once before a long time ago. (Or I could be chatting crap, my memories aren’t that great).

But, I play Otome games. They are basically dating simulations, but I enjoy romance stories, and these are basically interactive romance stories.

My favourites are from the ikemen series. They currently have five. But I only really like the artwork from four of them. So I screenshot the images from their opening screens.

Midnight Cinderella

Ikemen Sengoku

Ikemen Revolution

Ikemen Vampires

Sometimes, I’ll get a little frustrated at the playable characters speech choices. “huh?” is a more common than a sentence. Which by the way stop saying “huh?”. We heard (read) what the male character said, huh? Just makes the player either frustrated or feeling stupid.

Otherwise, I love them. I think I play them wrong to be honest, if I pick a character I tend to stick to that character… Even if I finish the main story I don’t move onto another character. Even the event side stories that have nothing to do with the main story, I won’t play them if that character is not part of the event.

Yes, I’m weird.

Midnight Cinderella is a princess fantasy. So, if you like the idea of being a Disney princess go for it.

Ikemen sengoku would you like to accidentally time travel? This one.

Ikemen revolution is for always wanted to travel to wonderland? Yes you technically get to be Alice.

Ikemen vampires is for those who have one of those sexy fantasies about being bitten by vamps.

If you get passed the fact that it is technically a dating sim, it is just another romance novel.