Waterstones interviews.

I’ve been really busy the last few days. Even on my days “off” I haven’t really had a moment. But now I do, with a little wine which is already hitting me hard. I’m going to keep this post easy.

The first video link I watched it a week ago… I can’t really remember what they spoke about, but I know I watched it so I’d say it is definitely worth giving it a watch or listen.

Well I just listened to it while getting the link. I like that idea that comedy punches into hard truths that other media’s just can’t do justice. I quite like that thought… Unless of course my brain is just scrambled and I completely got the wrong idea.

Anyway next –

Another interview. She goes into the subject of power. Which we all know that the powerful censor what they want us to see or hear and what they don’t. It isn’t like we aren’t aware of it, we just don’t do anything about it which is the more dangerous aspect. Because they know we won’t.

Number three –

He talks about getting to know his characters as they do certain things in his books. Which I find nice because most people when taught creative writing, it is droned into them that we should already know our characters like the back of our hands. Which I think can sometimes take the joy out of exploring an imaginative story inside your head. Because if you already know everything what is there left to reveal? I could be wrong but I liked that.

Last but not least –

And I completely agree. Unlike most women that talk about inequality in the sexes she actually talks about the male side as well. And it’s is nice to see that she hasn’t gone completely biased to one side. So I’d like to read this book sometime.

And that is it on the interview side. There are lots of vlog links which I need to share but I will do that another night. Enjoy! I am returning to the wine.