Waterstones update

These were put up last week but I was just busy with a lot of things over the last week or so, I’m trying to keep to a routine… Trying and failing… But here is –

Waterstones Podcast – Episode 3

I enjoyed this episode. It helps to sort of understand that we are all human and sometimes if we were to be perfect we’d be boring. A little mess from time to time gives it something personal.

The next link is a vlog. I can’t really remember what he says about the book as I listened to it last week and I barely remember last night – trick mirror – Jia Tolentino

And the third link is a poetry reading –

I think it was a poetry reading, it certainly sounded like it. It broaches the subject of female ill-treatment. And I think I remember this one because I was stood there thinking – “OK that’s another poetry reading on female abuse” – I’m not ignorant of the fact that it happens by the way! And I’m definitely not saying it is awful… But currently I’d like to hear an equalistic poetry if that makes sense?

(Please don’t think me a bad person I’m all for equal rights!)