Book 4 2019

I finished reading this last night –

A lot has happened since book 3 and 4 but I finally got back into the rhythm of it.

And this book was beautiful – Laini Taylor – Strange the Dreamer.

Because of my slightly dissatisfied feelings towards the Binding I was a little worried about this book.

Because very quickly I could see the annoying characters that were potentially going to be the bad guys at the end within just a couple of chapters. And you also fell in love with the main character – both to be honest – they were so relatable, so human that I just fell in love with them both.

There was one point when a *pardon me* dickhead of a character was going to get his way purely because he was a spoilt “I want to be the special one” kind of person. (We all know someone like that. They typically believe the world revolves around them).

But he didn’t, the main character stepped up and oh my goodness, after the dissatisfaction of the previous book I near back flipped, screaming “Yes!”. It was such a good feeling and a relief!


It didn’t end on a particularly pleasant note, but I know there is a sequel and I am looking forward to eventually getting around to that too. But I have had about a million books recommended to me in the last… Week or so… So, might take me time which is gutting! But I’m looking forward to it!

For the technical writing, it was beautiful, fabulously descriptive without losing the moment. Lots of emotion, it was nice that people were described not purely for one emotion at a time because the body just doesn’t work like that. I would recommend this to… Everyone!