Xperia 8.3

The two of them separated with a gasp. The castle rumbled and shook all around them. Dust fell from the ceiling and they both watched as cracks split through the foundations.
There was no time to think. No time to wait. They had to escape but one thought crossed Arellia’s mind.
Could she abandon the people to death? She had went to great efforts to find a guardian that would protect the people as well as herself. However, they had done none of that.
“wait… Alasdair…”, she touched him on the arm as he rushed around gathering his clothes. He paused to look at her, the structure shook again making them flinch. He looked at her with surprise, there was a little impatience in his anxiety, but she could see him holding it in. “I can’t leave”, she tried to stifle her dismay but the words sobbed out of her anyway.
“What are you talking about? Of course you can”, he dropped the clothes, his pants that he thrown on were loose around his waist. If he moved they would fall.
“No, I can’t just leave them, I am meant to protect them, but I have left them to ruin, I can’t leave I must fix this”, she said. She pulled away from him as he tried to grab her. He didn’t reply, he wouldn’t hear it. He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her up. Considering all the commotion going on they didn’t think to be quiet.
“I won’t go against your wishes, we won’t leave the city, but I won’t let you surrender yourself to slaughter”, he snarled.