Poetry Story 3

Not set on dissatisfaction.
The hunt was on.
Excuse *Well they used it but it wasn’t true* evil could not be allowed to spread.
But what had truly happened?
Animals died? No,
Farmers lands were untouched
Had someone fallen ill? Well yes actually,
But they had not thought of that…
What had happened was trivial.
Valuable items, small pieces, shiny silver had gone amiss.
They had never caught the thief.
She had been suspicions candidate still.
Until a witness found a raven at her window.
It plucked the silver chain she wore around her wrist from her kitchen counter.
And took flight.
Only a rational mind would understand the birds delight in shiny objects.
Unfortunately only fools were present.
And the fools set their minds and their jealous wrath upon her.
Seeking her like mad dogs chasing a fox.