Kindle 99p Book 3

Last night I read this –

Kylie King – Pleasing her Prince.

There isn’t much I could say on the writing, I am not going to pick at each paragraph bit by bit like at uni… Almost ruined the love of reading for three years… The writing itself was fine, everything was clear, I could follow the story easily. There might have been the odd typo but hey who doesn’t do that?

I did have two issues… One was the main character *Sophia*… She was literally the definition of hot and cold. And the fact that she held onto something so trivial as name calling when she later admits to *spoilers sorry! * snogging him under the bleachers. And doing more things other than kissing. Then she would get mad when he admits that he planned everything so that they could meet and start over… Why would you get angry at that? Isn’t it actually a compliment that this man went out of his way to get your attention? Sorry but I don’t understand… That would be like getting mad at someone for planning your birthday party… It’s a nice thing why get mad? So… Yeah I wasn’t sure about that.

And the second thing, any of the hot scenes that were in that story were short… Like I know these are short reads designed to be read within an hour or two but I mean like the sex scenes were short and not really that hot and heavy. I’ve read more descript and intense scenes in a fantasy erotic story.

So again… Still a hard Alexa Riley fan to please…