Waterstones update

Here is more YouTube links from waterstones.

The first is a vlog on female dystopias.

If you like the handmaid’s tale, you be interested in the recommendations she makes. I have the book, I’ve not finished it yet as… Well you know life gets in the way plus… Other books may have caught my attention at the time… Whoops.

And the second video is a Shelfie –

Gavin Thurston – Journeys of the wild, the secret life of a cameraman.

I love wildlife, so already he has won me. He sounds really interesting, and it would be fascinating to hear about the travels of cameramen. I mean some of them get to travel the world, the animals he would have seen, the mountains, forests, deserts, ice and snow! I can’t say I’ll ever actually get the opportunity myself as you know, life, but I’ll take reading about it and escaping for a bit.