Poetry story

This probably isn’t very good but I thought I’d give this idea a try. It’s probably just a story… But here goes –

Once upon………
Once upon a time… “Wait” … “No”
“That doesn’t feel right” –
In a time, “much better”, when no cars roared the streets, concrete was mud, and church was a reality people begged for.
A small town, tucked under mountain shadows. Bridge a crevice river snaking down toward the sea.
Women were corseted in long skirts, men wore soft pants or kilts.
A cold morning – silence blankets like snow over the town. – a single screech.
A sharp blade of sound – all awaken in distress – animal? Too familiar.
Echoes under feet, travels and passes.
The river carries cargo – a small bundle nestled in a basket –
A woman as quick as lightning flashes takes the leap.
Ice bites – lungs seize – muscles lock.
Others panic, rally, and gather.
The floating parcel saved – woman pulled free – a baby girl.
Blankets damp and cold.
The saviour – the adopter – all but her leave with a question.
“Where did she come from?”.