Xperia 8.2

But they couldn’t wait.

Civil unrest was beginning to stirr among the people. Jeremy had had to call his own personal troops back to the castle. They were about to fall into ruin from the inside, nevermind the out.
The armies were being overrun by civilians. It hadn’t helped forcing them into military regimes. Now they dominated over the actual army Jeremy and Moyra had instated at the castle gates.
They had been trying for weeks to settle to rising fury without surrendering to any terms. In the end the people wanted no ruler ship. They wanted out of the walls that caged them. Arellia felt her heart squeeze.
“I had not chosen to trap them here”, she had repeated to herself every night leading up to this distressing time. Alasdair could comfort her enough for her to sleep, but she was growing wary. That wariness was followed briefly with bitterness.
“My parents died to save them, we were going to be killed to save them… They can’t even bring themselves to want to save us”, she had a haunting look on her face which just made Alasdair worry.
“Then why don’t we leave?”, Alasdair countered her.
“And where would we go?”, she asked.
“Wherever we want”, she had paced passed him. He lifted a hand and brushed his fingers on the back of her arm. They hadn’t been intimate since that first night, he thought about that beautiful night, he wanted more. Her skin shivered under his touch. He stood up and drew closer behind her. His other hand came around to her hip and slid up her body. The hand on her arm lightly brushed up over her shoulder and cupped around her jaw tilting her head back. Her eyes closed and a sigh escaped her lips. He snaked the other arm around her waist and pulled her to his stomach. One of her own hands gripped into one of his legs while the other lifted, hooked around the back of his head. Their kiss was long overdue, their bodies heated quickly. Like time had nourished their sensitivity to one another. They backed up towards the room they used as a bedroom. There they remained, naked bodies mingling together, until something explodes at the castle doors.