Kindle 99p Book 2

I was reading this last night…

Sacrificed to the Beast – Jessa Kane

Now, again I usually only read Alexa Riley for a reason. As much as I knew it was silly, and the stories were just not real in the slightest. At no point did any of Alexa Riley’s stories make me cringe with embarrassment and put them down. There is a sort of finesse that still works for me.

I’m not sure if it is just this book. Jessa Kane might have others better than this one. And I just picked up the odd one in a bunch. But I will admit this book didn’t do it for me.

I’m not trying to be mean or anything like that, there is writing potential. It was very clear, I understood what was happening, etc. So, the writing was fine.

However, the story elements just couldn’t grab me. I put it down easily, and the characters made me cringe to no end.

I finished it. I didn’t leave the book unfinished. I struggled though.

This book might be your sort of thing – big bad hairy wild man gets fainting young beauty that has nothing but her looks. – if so go for it.

But this sort of version of beast meets beauty *I think they’ve all done one* wasn’t for me.