Waterstones Shelfies.

Don’t worry, this won’t be the only post today as I have a day off from work and I’d like to get myself back into the swing of writing my own things again. It is just that I love waterstones, I love going in there, and I, more often than not, leave with something. *Unless I have no money which is just sad times*.

These are a couple of Shelfies, and then there is another video which I will explain in a moment.

Shelfie One – Meera Sodha – East

A cook book, which for some of us (Me) who need more recipes than the same ones made every week, this could be a nice idea. As she talks about the research she looked into for different ways to use veg.

Shelfie two – Konnie Huq – Cookie and the most annoying boy in the world.

This is *I’m assuming* a book for children, it sounds like it would be a fun read, plus the Author sounds like she has just as much energy. Which is nice because with children and books for them I can’t imagine you’d want scarey official that stood there quite boringly and said “I wrote this” *shrugs*… No, you want an author that if your children were to meet them, would relate to them just as much as the book.

Side note: I don’t think there are any authors like that I just wanted to make a point.

This third video I don’t think is a Shelfie, but she does talk about her book and the research she did for it. As well as what she found. It is presented a bit more like an interview. It was an interesting listen, it’s just a few minutes give it a listen –

Sara Collins – The confessions of Frannie Langton