Kindle 99p Book

I have read quite a few of these now. Mostly, if not all from one particular author name.

Alexa Riley.

They are as they even describe themselves as, silly instant love erotic reads, there is sex and there is instant love at first sight. And it can be a little ridiculous as some of these gooey moments just aren’t real. But hey it is a story, they don’t have to be real! It is the point of escaping into a book.

The last couple of months that author has stopped coming up on amazon. Which I am gutted about. So, I decided to look into a variety of different authors that might help at least fill a little of that craving.

Ella Goode

I understand now why it is called sweet kisses. Though I won’t spoil it if you decide to give it a quick read. And that is what these are, quick reads that you can finish within maybe a couple of hours.

I will say I enjoyed this one, it didn’t get me hot under the collar like Alexa Riley does but it was still gooey sweet. And there was still sex in it. But there was definitely something different about it. I won’t say missing, just different.