Waterstones Shelfies.

Because today has been so hectic at my new job, no one had time to stop for a break. Absolutely no one. And my morning wasn’t as efficient as I’d have like it to have been, I’m doing a nice easy post today.

Two waterstones Shelfies.

One was uploaded yesterday –

Laura Jane Williams – Our stop.

I quite like the sounds of this, I’m also a sucker for romance stories so this may end up on my list of books to buy… The long long list.

And the other was uploaded today –

Ruth Ware – The Turn of the Key.

I don’t typically read crime which is a shame because I love watching shows like castle, bones, mentalist, elementary, and harrow. And this does sound interesting.

Have a listen guys see if any of these books ring to you. Even some of their inspirations are good shout outs.