Xperia 8.1

Alasdair knelt down and crawled towards her. And lay on his back beside her. He took hold of one hand and rubbed his thumb lightly across the knuckles.
“Don’t let them make you cry”, he whispered. He was so quiet even Arellia almost missed it. Moyra and Jeremy got into the full rhythm and Alasdair let out a quiet sigh. “Don’t they have another room to do that in”.
“They have the whole Palace, it’s almost like they know we are here and want to torture us”, Arellia replied just as softly.
“Maybe I could catch them by surprise and stab them in the act, we know they’re here”, Alasdair smiled.
“That would be very anti-climatic I think, plus Moyra might be pregnant with the amount of intercourse they have had”, She replied.
“OK, so stab him and imprison her?”, he made her smile.
“But it isn’t that simple”, her smile faded. “By the time we regain the city, those things will probably be on us and we will lose anyway”.
“What if… We didn’t do anything”, Alasdair sounded cautious which was never good in Arellia’s thoughts.
“What does that mean?”.
“Let those things come, they’ll fight Jeremy and we will fight them”, Alasdair said.
“We don’t have an army to fight them with”, Arellia argued.
“Maybe by that point, we won’t need one”.
It wasn’t a bad idea, but it wasn’t good either. They had no idea how long that would take. They might find a way to fight them off. Arellia bit her lip and curled into Alasdair’s side.
“OK, we will try that”.