Xperia 8.0

So, she was left alone to worry. They didn’t have an army, Jeremy was always guarded on all fronts. So was Moyra. They were still on high alert.
She paced in circles so much the repetitive motion knocked her dizzy and spiralled her out of thoughts to catch herself from falling. Her stomach churned and drained all the blood from her face. With a hand on the wall to steady her she lowered herself down to lie on her back feet slightly raised.
A door opened above her. Another meeting? Only two sets of footsteps and by now she knew them well. Jeremy and Moyra.
“We can’t get passed that thing in the woods, we don’t know the potential danger out there”, Jeremy snapped.
“There is no danger, I lived out there most of my life, she must have been hallucinating”, Moyra sounded like she was trying to comfort one of the orphans. She used the same voice.
“Don’t patronise me, you may not care for this city but I do I lived here my whole life, I’m not going to give this up now that I have it”, he barked back. Thud, thud, thud he paced around her. Arellia heard the shuffle of Moyra climbing on top of the table.
“Well if you’d just stop wasting resources on trying to find that bitch we could spend more trying to solve the problem”, Moyra argued.
“You being stuck in that forest has clearly left you ignorant, she is the medicine to that problem, she has to die, her soul carries the energy to power a shield that protects the city”, Jeremy snapped.
“Then just kill someone else”, Moyra shrugged.
“You’re not listening!”, Jeremy pushed Moyra down onto the table. Pinning her there. “It has to be her, royal bloodline, it was why the council were so forceful about her guardianship, she must conceive a daughter before she is sacrificed”.
“Oh so, you plan to rape her, keep her locked up, like a lamb to slaughter?”, mock aghast. “I love it”. There was that wet kiss sound that only made Arellia cringe. There was a silence. “What?”, Moyra asked.
“It can’t be me, when Alasdair was accepted as guardian he was filled with all the previous guardians experiences, fighting techniques, muscles to handle the intensive combat that he now knows, that is passed down to the daughters until the next guardian is assigned, he signed the contract that binds the two of them together, he has to sire the daughter, what do you think that thing is out there? “, Jeremy’s tone was shifting. They began kissing again. And Arellia knew where this was going. They had had more sex than Arellia and Alasdair. She suddenly felt revolted in herself for thinking about the unfairness.
Alasdair lightly opened the door, he made sure not to make a sound. Moyra didn’t reply instead Jeremy continued his story telling.
“It is an amalgamation of all the fathers of the royal daughters”, Jeremy said. “So, if we sacrifice her at least we will still live to rule”.
There was a small sting in Arellia’s chest. A single tear fell down the side of her face as she looked to Alasdair.